Your Daily Money Strategy (as posted on Facebook)

So many of us don’t have savings accounts it’s really scary, but really, nothing helps you sleep better at night than knowing you’ve got a chunk of money in the bank.  Emergencies come up all the time in our lives, and having that money there helps you through those times, but we don’t need to tell you that.  You know it.  Your next argument is that your salary is stretched to the max.  There is no saving 10% or paying yourself first because it’s just not there.  Simple tip for the day – save $1.00 and any loose coin change you get.  Do not spend it; put it in a place where you won’t touch it until the end of the week.  At that time you will have at least $7.00 plus the change.  Go to the bank and deposit it.  “But won’t the tellers look at me funny for depositing such a little amount?”  You’re embarrassed about depositing your own money?  Nonsense.  At the end of the year you’ll have $364 plus the loose coin change which could amount to another couple hundred dollars, who knows.  Never be shy or embarrassed about your money.  You are building a fortune here.  And, you’ll soon realize that it’s fun to watch your savings grow and that $1.00 will turn into 5 or 10 dollars that you’re finding and never thought you had before.  It’s all a money game.  Learn to play it well.